My name is John Schepcoff.  I am the person that has built this training site for everyone that joins one of my down lines including you.  

The site is password protected however please click on every link above and think about what you are going to be Learning and Gaining with all this knowledge.

I have been coaching and mentoring for well over 35 years and when I joined Enagic 6 years ago, I wanted to do something totally different.  

What you will be Learning and Applying is Magic!  

The reason I do 8 to 10 machine Sales monthly is because I have “knowledge” and that knowledge is what I am giving to you when you purchase your SD501 or K8 through me or one of my down lines which means you will also be one of my down lines.

What I have is very different and it really works when you Learn and Apply these Concepts, Principles and Strategies with all the people that you share the business opportunity.  

This is NOT a get Rich Program.  You have to work in order to Earn the Money that Enagic will pay you.  

What I have is Fantastic however it does take time and energy to Learn and Apply the things you will Learn on my Training Site at No-cost to you.  

IMPORTANTIf you are Not talking with me, PLEASE . . make sure the person you are talking with is part of “John Schepcoff”  down line.  That way you get everything for FREE!!