The goal is to pick one system that you feel you can do and do it well.  You need to stick to it and not give up on the system. I personally use all of these however you cannot do them all until you become an expert on that system.  

You will know that your doing well when you are getting 3 to 5 sales per month.  Then and only then you can think about moving onto a different system. There will be times you will want to move on only because it seems that it is not working for you.  This would be a big mistake on your part. You can never wing this kind of business.

You will want to start on the 1021 Free Jump Start Program right away if you have a website that “John Schepcoff” has built for you while you begin using one of these programs. 

Your upline should be helping you with the 1021 Free Jump Start Program but it is your responsibility to get started on it. Ask your upline how it works!